The Process

The process is simple! To reserve a home please fill out the form here. Once we receive it we will be in contact with you. Please go ahead and print out your contract, fill it out, sign it and return via email in PDF format to Please include a copy of your driver's license. Please note: the address of the home you have rented is on the contract!

Once we receive the signed contract, copy of your driver's license, and full payment we will email you codes for entry and security. Then you're all set!  

The Payments

When you book with us you will receive an invoice via your email which will give you the option to pay via credit/debit or bank transfer. 

The Policies

The two documents below explain a little more of what it's like to rent a vacation rental and what to expect. We recommend that you read these now rather than later because the included information will make your stay much nicer and our day much easier! 

Information after you arrive

The Contracts

Please click on the home you have reserved and download the contract. Then, if you'll do us a favor and fill it out, sign it, and return it with a copy of your driver's license via email in PDF format -- that would just make our day!  


The Lone Oak Home Contract

The Winchester House Contract

A word about codes: Once full payment is made, the signed contract returned with a copy of your driver's license, we are able to issue entry and security codes to the home you've reserved. We will contact you via email 2-7 days prior to your arrival with this information.